Tuition Fees

Invest in your child’s future.

Life at SLC is an investment. When you enroll your child at SLC, you become part of our family. A family that is result-driven, all-star athletics, award-winning theater performances, and community outreach. At SLC, your child will experience holistic, hands-on learning that sparks a lifetime of courage, conviction, and excellence.

Joining this community will be the most worthwhile investment you’ll make for your child. At SLC, everything we do is designed to ensure that you see a greater return than you ever imagined — a child who culminates into a leader of the 21st Century!

The best education is one that constantly adds value and ventures outside of the classroom. That’s why our faculty is focused on preparing students, not just for this year’s tests, but for all of life’s tests. Our student-centered approach towards teaching creates a safe learning environment where students are encouraged to expand their knowledge and take calculated risks. As a result, they develop confidence, perseverance, and drive to succeed in the world.

SLC students graduate having learned to leverage their academic passion, positively impact their community, and empower themselves and others. As alumni, they go on to great success and fulfillment because they were taught to think, do, and lead at SLC.

Applying for Financial Aid

We, at SLC believe that all children deserve an exceptional education, regardless of their socio-economic status. To make SLC accessible to the best and brightest students from all backgrounds, we offer tuition and financial assistance at each grade level. Our Financial Aid program is robust and we’re dedicated to extending opportunities for qualified students.

We realize that this investment in your child’s future, while worth the sacrifice, is challenging for many families. Our comprehensive financial aid program, along with flexible payment options, are ways we hope to make SLC education and experience accessible.

Any student who intends to apply for Financial Aid can send us an e-mail at admissions.helpdesk@stlawrence.in ​along with their formal request and supporting documentation laying out the specific reasons prior to the commencement of the upcoming session. Late application shall not be entertained, barring extraordinary circumstances wherein the student must obtain permission from the Chair.