About SLC

School was established on 1st April, in 2000. St. Lawrence School is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and prepares students for All India Senior Secondary Examination.

Almost two decades ago a Group of Educationist whose life’s mission is to build a novel Educational system aimed at developing in its students the qualities of selflessness, helpfulness and independence.

Since inception school has made its presence felt both in the field of academics as well as in sports. At St. Lawrence the children get the best of education and opportunities to excel themselves in diverse fields. Aiming for holistic development of students, the inspiring and dedicated Teaching community equally diligent, management provides an infrastructure good for students’ personality enhancement.

In academic arena our students have shown excellent performance by scoring higher percentage in Secondary and Senior Secondary School Examination every year.


According to C.S Lewis, the task of the Modern Educator is not to cut jungles but to irrigate deserts. We encourage Teachers to be one to irrigate the young minds to inspire and be inspired and celebrate a different ways of thinking.

St Lawrence Convent Sr. Sec. School is seeking to hire highly qualified innovative and learning focused educators who are ready to play a noteworthy role at one of the country’s leading schools.

Additionally our belief is that supportive education initiatives enable our educators and students to develop the understanding skills, values and mindset to take meaningful action in creating more inclusive sustainable and peaceful world.


Our vision is to develop all rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal. We ensure excellence in teaching and learning. School promotes an attitude of care, excellence, trust and respect among the students. Maintaining excellent facilities and an environment of quality is first priority of school.

Our Education System:


Our education system is aimed to develop the individual and social qualities rather than providing generalized information or training by way of the prescribed subject matter. Beginning with teachers including students in decision-making processes in the classroom and having faith in their ability to lead, child-centred education is practised. The youngsters find learning more intriguing when they understand the significance of the topic under discussion. When a child chooses the subject of the lesson during creative learning, they might use their imagination to come up with unique perspectives on the same topic. Children are better able to combine their interests with the concepts and skills by brainstorming and conversing together. Children must take responsibility for their own learning and be engaged participants.