Today’s education system is not just confined to academies but modern day school focuses on imparting skills to students Personality development, Confidence building Communication skills , etiquettes etc .

St Lawrence every year conducts following activities along with academics:

Sports Day

Sports Day is a very exciting and happy day that every student looks forward to. It helps them to showcase their athletic abilities in front of an enthusiastic audience. Sports Day is celebrated every year in school. On this occasion various sporting activities are conducted across the school. It is one of the most – loved events of the year. Children longingly wait for this day. This year on 9th February, 2024 Sports Day was celebrated enthusiastically. Participation of every student made event great.


Ram Leela ‘The acts or life of Lord Rama’ recalls the battle between Lord Rama and Ravana and consists of series of dialogues between Gods and Sages. Through Ram Leela, school has always succeeded in spreading the golden heritage of Hinduism and victory of truth.

Alumni Meet

In St. Lawrence School alumni meet is conducted oftenly to help school staff to recognise the contribution of their ex- students in the professional world. This meeting gives students the chance to meet old friends whom they have not met for years. During their meet, the alumni community shares their experience in the outside world, which they faced after stepping out of the institution.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival that marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the symbol of wisdom and sagacity. Visarjan of Lord Ganpati’s idol takes place, celebration is done every year with all rituals and rites as it promotes feeling of social cohesion and communal harmony.


Halloween is celebrated in school students come dressed up in their beautiful costumes of witches, ghosts, scary movie characters, skeletons, vampires. It makes us aware of global festivals. Its believed Halloween is a tremendously fun and occasionally scary celebration that takes place on October 31 every year.