St. Lawrence Convent Alumni Club

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Over the years, St. Lawrence Convent has produced many Doctors, Engineers, scholars, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, managers and professionals in all fields. The dedicated faculty of our school has made an impact on the mind, dreams and vision of their students, on the world of ideas and their practical application, both on national and international level. Success and greatness primarily requires four things: wonderful students enjoying a tremendous students experience, dedicated and accomplished faculty, a creative campus learning environment and inspiring as well as supportive leadership. St. Lawrence Convent has been able to provide all of it.

St. Lawrence Alumni Club was established in January 2016 with the primary objective to promote sense of belongingness and connection of the alumni not only with its Alma Mater but also amongst themselves. Moreover, the Alumni can help the existing students of our school by providing them with able guidance, vis-à-vis, professional choices and methodology to be adopted for reaching the desired goals.

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